Alaska Campgrounds Open — Ice, Bugs & All

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Despite cold temperatures, campgrounds in Alaska such as the South Rolly Lake Campground are opening in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Alaska campgrounds are finally open for the season.

“It’s been a late breakup, and if people are planning to bring their canoes and things out, they might have a hard time with all the ice,” said Park Ranger Drew McElvain, at the South Rolly Campground in the Nancy Lake Recreational Area (NLRA) near Willow, KTVA-TV, Anchorage, reported.

McElvain said he doesn’t expect this year’s wet conditions to prevent campers from parking in campgrounds for the holiday weekend.

“We expect a lot of people,” said McElvain. “It’s Memorial Day weekend. A lot of people want to get out and have a good time. So we just want to make sure people realize that there is still some snow around, the trails are still muddy and the lakes, for the most part, are froze over.”

Those conditions have’t stopped camper Michael Cole and his dog Miles from heading into the Alaska wilderness. They came early to snag their favorite spot.

“It’s quiet, peaceful … until the weekend, but, y’know, its not a motorized lake and I appreciate that fact,” said Cole, with the frozen lake resting behind him.

Cole said he camps at the NLRA every Memorial Day Weekend, but this year is different. When he arrived Wednesday morning at 1:30 a.m., he had a rude awakening.

“It was 33 degrees and I was concerned about my pipes freezing.”

According to Cole, the bugs are bad and everything is wet, but he, like many others, won’t be stopped, because it’s just the Alaska way.


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