City Considers ‘Dry Run’ for Municipal RV Park

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Mayor Janet Hinesly, avid RVer

The city council in Dinuba, Calif., appears to be leaning toward a plan to set up a temporary RV park near Ridge Creek Golf Club.

And if that plan works out well, the RV park could become a permanent fixture in this central California city of 20,000, the Dinuba Sentinel reported.

The proposal was discussed during a part of the April 23 city council meeting agenda called the Mayor’s Minute.

“Anyone who knows us knows that my husband and I are avid RVers,” Mayor Janet Hinesly said.

The Hineslys belong to an RV club, and the mayor talked briefly about an RV rally at Pismo Beach. Hinesly also said she had talked to City Manager Ed Todd about hosting an RV rally in Dinuba.

From there, the discussion took off.

Beth Nunes, formerly finance and community services director who was recently promoted to deputy city manager, said the city had studied the possibility of establishing an RV park near Ridge Creek some years ago.

City staff talked to either the manager of Ridge Creek or the golf pro there, and she said he was “excited” about the concept.

There is an area by the lake there that is an “ideal spot,” she said.

In a telephone interview, Todd said that area is near the city’s wastewater treatment plant and a manmade lake the city uses to water the grounds of Ridge Creek Golf Club.

There are about 25 acres of available land there that could be used for the RV park, Todd said.

Ridge Creek was originally designed to have a few hundred residential units surrounding most parts of the golf course. If the RV park were to be built, some of those residential units would have to be eliminated from that earlier site plan, Todd said.

Back to the city council meeting, Nunes said it would probably be a good idea to do a “trial run” first.

“Nothing permanent would go in there right now,” she said, adding that the temporary park would “give us an idea if it (a permanent facility) would be successful.”

She mentioned that such a park could generate additional revenue for the city, Ridge Creek Golf Club or both.

When the city looked at the concept of an RV park a few years earlier, the proposed layout was a rather elaborate setup, including a swimming pool, campgrounds and a building to house an office and meeting room.

Nunes said the estimated cost of that particular park was around $2 million.

Nothing along that line could be done now, in the current economic conditions, she added. If the city decided to pursue a permanent RV park, she said, it most likely would have to be done “in phases.”

Other similar facilities in this area are mostly all full during the summer months, City Councilman Mike Smith noted. “I think it’s worth looking at,” Smith said of the RV park proposal.

Hinesly said her friends in the RV club would be more than willing to offer their input on the RV park.

Todd said city staff would do more research and report back to the council with some specific cost estimates and proposals.


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