Fla.-Based Janus Runs 11 Morgan RV Resorts

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The website for the Cold Brook Campsites campground in Ganesvoort, N.Y., is undergoing maintenance, perhaps reflecting the change in management for this Morgan RV Resorts holding.

A new company has been assigned to manage Cold Brook Campsites, a recreational vehicle campground in Ganesvoort, N.Y., managed by Saratoga Springs-based Morgan RV Resorts, while foreclosure proceedings on the campsite are ongoing.

Court documents filed March 4 in state Supreme Court in Saratoga County show the lender, Comm 2006-C8 RV Park Master SPE LLC, is taking action against local businessman Robert Moser and his partner, Robert Morgan, as well as two limited-liability companies affiliated with Cold Brook Campsites, The Saratogian reported.

The lender is foreclosing on the $4.25 million mortgage, which was given to the borrowers in 2006.

The attorney for the LLC states in court documents that Cold Brook Campsites is one of seven campgrounds that are or will be the subject of foreclosure proceedings by his firm, Herrick, Feinstein LLP.

Moser and Morgan own Morgan RV Resorts, which manages campgrounds around the country.

Janus Hotel Management Services, a Florida-based limited-liability company, announced Tuesday (April 30) it has been assigned by a Saratoga Springs attorney to take over management services of the 277-unit campground.

The president of Janus, Michael Nanosky, stated in the press release the campground would be open as planned Tuesday.

“Although there is a lot of work to do, we want all campers to rest assured that the resort will open on time for the upcoming camping season and full use of the resort facilities will be available as soon as possible,” he said.

Last week, longtime summer residents of Cold Brook told The Saratogian they were nervous the campground wouldn’t open as planned and they’d be left without a place to live. Contacted last week, Moser said those residents had no reason to worry.

This week, Nanosky reiterated that residents have nothing to worry about.

Janus’ general counsel, Eric L. Glazer, said fees for Cold Brook residents will not change and payments already made will be honored.

Attorney John P. Coseo of the McMahon & Coseo law firm is the campground’s court-appointed receiver.

Court-appointed receivers like Coseo manage money or properties that are the subject of litigation. Typically, courts only appoint receivers when it is absolutely necessary to preserve the property.

Coseo also said Tuesday that Cold Brook will definitely open as planned.

Janus manages 11 additional Morgan parks, either as a receiver or as the management company for new ownership.

The company is based in Boca Raton, Fla., and manages a total of 60 hotels and campgrounds in the country.



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