‘Glamping’ Popularity Typifies U.S. Culture

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One of the new “glamping” sites at Lake Darrien in New York.

A chef is there to prepare gourmet meals, fresh trout sauteed with herbs and French toast topped with huckleberries picked from the mountains.

Or, if you like, a hot dog roasted over the fire with pork and beans.

A butler makes your posh king-sized bed each day, schedules spa facials and draws your bath.

Or, if you like, will start a campfire and cook you up some s’mores.

This is glamorous camping — also known as glamping — a trend that’s popping up nationwide as people want to enjoy the beauty of nature, even the basics of camping, without getting down and dirty, USA Today reported.

And while there is some debate as to whether such luxury should even be called camping, it’s happening. And not just at glitzy resorts with 5-star campside service, but at local campgrounds where RVs are getting bigger and fancier and campers are demanding Wi-Fi access.

“Our society is ‘I want everything now, I want it quick, I want it easy and I want it convenient,'” said Chad Taylor, with, a website devoted to the trend.

That’s a philosophy that just doesn’t mesh with true camping.

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