Lieberman: Virtual Campground Expo on Shelf

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Art Lieberman

Virtual Campground Expo promoter Art Lieberman says the idea of a virtual online expo is not ready for prime time for the outdoor hospitality industry.

In a column posted on the RV Daily Report website, Lieberman, principal of MCPS for Campgrounds who sponsored two of the online events in recent years, says he now plans a hiatus from the concept.

He writes in part, “In the final analysis, much of the problems that weren’t directly connected to flaws in the programs were that our hoped-for audience, campground owners, were not technically sophisticated, and their patience in traveling the Internet highway was limited while the consideration of their customer’s comforts were unlimited.

“To campground owners, live encounters with suppliers and speakers at a convention was superior to spending any time struggling for information at a computer. Two tries were enough for us – there was no Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo 3. In 2011 we learned that the RVDA (Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association) was looking into a virtual show. We notified them that we were willing to help – but they opted out of the idea.

“But times have changed, even in two brief years. Many campground owners have moved to computerized registrations, credit card processing and record keeping that, perhaps, the time for a virtual show has not yet arrived for campground owners, but it may be in the near future. We’ll see.

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