South Dakota State Parks Pondering Golf Carts

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Electric golf carts could become vehicles of choice for campers staying at South Dakota parks and recreation areas.

The state Game, Fish and Parks Commission at its meeting in Pierre last week formally proposed rule changes that will allow electric golf carts on designated roads within parks and recreation complexes, the Capital Journal, Pierre, reported.

The carts will need headlights, brake lights and rear-view mirrors. They also will need park-entrance permits and the drivers will need to show they have valid driver licenses and proof of insurance.

The commission will hold a public hearing June 6 in Pierre and make a decision that afternoon or the next morning as part of its regular meeting.

The proposed rules also call for requiring mopeds and motor scooters to have park-entrance permits. They currently are exempt.

Gas-powered golf carts that are licensed for normal street and road travel currently can be operated in state parks and recreation areas.

“It’ll level the playing field,” Bob Schneider, a state Division of Parks and Recreation official, told the commission.

“It makes sense,” commission member Duane Sather of Sioux Falls said.

Explaining why some carts have been allowed and others weren’t has been a challenge for parks personnel, according to Schneider. “It’s really going to offer the public a better service,” he said.

The commission’s action is in response to a state law approved last winter by the Legislature allowing golf carts of any kind in state parks and recreation areas.

The original legislation was sponsored by Rep. Tim Rounds, R-Pierre, with Sen. Corey Brown, R-Gettysburg, as its lead sponsor in the Senate.

The House Local Government Committee rewrote the original version of Rounds’ bill to add requirements for lighting, mirrors and horns. The Senate Local Government Committee removed the horns requirement.

The Senate version won approval 33-0 by the Senate and 61-6 from the House of Representatives. The new law takes effect July 1.

Electric carts and unlicensed gas-powered carts won’t be allowed on any roads where the speed limit is higher than 35 miles per hour.

In Custer State Park, where many segments of the state highways are posted at a maximum 35, the carts will be allowed only in designated campground areas, according to Schneider.

There could be other places where use of carts is likewise restricted.

“We don’t see a lot of golf carts in the parks, some more than others,” Schneider said. “We don’t anticipate a huge increase in the number of them.”



2 Responses to “South Dakota State Parks Pondering Golf Carts”

  1. Charlie on May 7th, 2013 9:11 am

    We have allowed carts here in Alamo River Resort for years and have had zero problems. Do not agree with all the BS requirements, stop lights?, come on!!

    Next they will be requiring seat belts and air bags. Sure you can get hurt sitting and falling out of your desk chair because all life has some risk.

    Bureaucrats ALWAYS want to over think and over engineer everything.

  2. Cathy Burgess on May 7th, 2013 7:05 pm

    I guess these new rules are great. Safety really counts so much. Even if golf carts are just small vehicles as we think, but these could still be a cause of accidents. Thanks for sharing this update!