Tornado Hits Kansas State Park Campground

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Nearly 50 tornadoes hit six states over the weekend, killing one man in Oklahoma.

One of the twisters hit Milford State Park in northeast Kansas but injuries were slight, WSOC TV, Charlotte, N.C., reported

These twisters created large swirls of debris as they ripped across the open plains.

Funnel clouds dropped from the sky and giant hail pelted drivers on the roads.

One tornado near Oklahoma City destroyed homes and killed at least one man in a mobile home park.

Intense winds toppled power lines and threw tractor-trailers off the interstates, spilling their cargo onto the roads.

In Kansas, the hail was so strong it took paint off homes.

People in Wichita, Kan., said the wind was just unbelievable and the hail was coming straight sideways.

At the campground at Milford State Park, located just west of Manhattan, RVs and their owners also felt the disaster.

“The wind just came up all of a sudden. And the RV started shaking. I’m thankful that we weren’t hurt more than we were,” said camper David Stille.




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