Campers Found Safety in Mark Twain Cave

May 31, 2013 by   - () Comments Off on Campers Found Safety in Mark Twain Cave

Close to a dozen people were in the Hannibal Campground Thursday afternoon (May 30) before the big storm hit the area and many of them didn’t have any intention of leaving, WGEM-TV, Hannibal, Mo., reported.
Mark Twain Cave Owner Linda Coleberd said if there was severe weather, campers would go into the Mark Twain Cave to wait out the storm.  Coleberd said the cave is a vital tool for protecting campers during severe weather.

“When that big storm comes up and you are in something as gullible or as small as an RV, you are looking for some place to go,” Coleberd said.

Coleberd said campers have had to go into the cave three separate times this year.


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