Floodwaters Block Iowa Campground Exit

May 30, 2013 by   - () Comments Off on Floodwaters Block Iowa Campground Exit

Today’s video is courtesy of WOI-TV, Des Moines, Iowa.

Rivers and creeks across the area are bursting with water built up over the past couple days. Campers at Cutty’s RV Campground in Grimes discovered Wednesday afternoon (May 29) that water covered their exit, WOI-TV, Des Moines, Iowa, reported.

Rushing water poured over the only road in and out of a section of the campground, stranding a score of RVs and people on the other side.

People parked their campers on the other side of the rumbling water. Some left in the morning with the water level fine, only to return cut off from home.

“I saw a bunch of people in cars and everything and I automatically assumed, uh oh, it must be flooded,” says Jacob Petersen.

“We knew that it could go over but I didn’t think it would. I’ve been watching it and nothing’s happened. Then I came out and it was over,” says Gloria Peterson.

There is a store on the stranded side of the campground, so supplies aren’t a problem. Those RVs however could be there for a while if we get more storms.



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