Workers Filling Saskatchewan Campgrounds

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The entrance to Redvers Log Cabin Campground

Finding a campground could prove to be a challenge this summer if you’re travelling to southeast Saskatchewan, CKOM Radio, Saskatoon, reported.

Many transient workers in the Bakken Oil Formation can’t find a place to live and as a result, they’re turning to campgrounds.

“All of the people that are here are either truckers or they work on the oil field,” said Leo Grossman with the Carlyle Lion’s Park Campground.

He said it’s currently full there, adding it becomes a full-time job looking after everything.

“They’re here until we shut the campground down at the end of October.”

The Redvers Log Cabin Campground’s Lorraine George said they saw an influx last summer.

“Last year we were overflowing. We had them parked just about anywhere and all over,” said George.

She doesn’t think it’ll be quite to the same extent this year, but figures it’ll still be busy nonetheless.

Larger communities, like Estevan, are seeing the rush too. The city’s vacancy rate is only 0.6%, so workers are left with little option as to where they can live. But campgrounds there are taking a different approach.

“There’s a two-week maximum stay because we really wanted to keep open the opportunities for people traveling abroad; families in the community who only want to come for a week,” said Nathan Puffalt, who manages the campground at Woodlawn Regional Park.

He said he’s had calls off the hook since February from workers looking to book a spot, but he’s had to turn them down.

“If we opened it up to month long or seasonal, we’d be sold out in a heartbeat,” he said.

Many campgrounds in this southeast area are expanding or in the process to meet this demand short term. Long term, communities like Estevan are still trying to put a strategy together to address this housing crunch.



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