15 Kentucky State Parks Judged ‘StormReady’

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There are 15 state parks in Kentucky that are National Weather Service StormReady Supporters. These parks have detailed plans of what to do during severe weather events developed by the National Weather Service, WYMT-TV, Lexington, reported.

Officials say all Kentucky State Parks have plans to deal with severe weather, but the park manager of Levi Jackson State Park near London, Ben Sizemore, says being a StormReady supporter makes park staff better at handling severe weather.

“They now know the steps to take to make the guests more aware and to make sure their safety is kept at the top priority,” said Sizemore.

Along with training, the National Weather Service designated certain park buildings to be storm shelters.

“It’s hard to be 100% storm ready but visitors in StormReady state parks should be pretty comfortable knowing the park staff is trained to know what to do in the event of a weather emergency,” said Tony Edwards, the warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Jackson.

National Weather Service officials say that the safety training concentrated on certain severe weather threats more than others in different state parks depending on the location of the park.

“Laurel and Pulaski County have more tornadoes than any other county in Eastern Kentucky. We touch on everything in the training to each park but we’re a little more concerned about tornadoes in certain areas so we touch on that more there,” Edwards said.

National Weather Service officials say they plan to have all Kentucky state parks StormReady by the end of the year. Fifteen are StormReady now.

Ben Sizemore says even though if a park is StormReady, you should still bring a weather radio. For more information about the StormReady program, visit


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