Camp Taylor Campground Aids Charity Event

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Bras hang in the campground office at Camp Taylor Campground in New Jersey as part of a  breast cancer survivor charity event at the campground. Photo from Facebook.

Jean Taylor said her campground office in northwestern New Jersey is looking like a frat house at Christmas with decorated bras hanging everywhere.

And she’s running out of room to hang more that keep arriving, the Express News, Easton, Pa., reported.

Taylor, owner of the Camp Taylor Campground in Knowlton Township, is raising money to support breast cancer survivors by decorating the bras, which honor survivors and victims of the disease. The campaign, called “Hook Up for Recovery,” is being run through Sisters on the Fly, an organization that aims to empower women through outdoor activities.

Taylor has more than 200 decorated bras, which she’ll display around the campground June 19-23 for a Sisters on the Fly event hosted there. Taylor hopes she can get to a milelong string of bras by the end of the year.

“I’ll doubt I’ll make that goal,” she said. “But we’ll get as many as we can by the end of the year and stop.”

Though she doesn’t know how many bras it will take to stretch a mile, there are more than 400 bras waiting to be decorated and hung out, Taylor said.

Taylor said she was inspired to start the effort in memory of a friend who died from breast cancer about 10 years ago. Once word started to spread about her efforts, it caught on.

Taylor said she recently had to buy fence posts to display the bras for next week’s event.

People who visit the campground can decorate a bra for a small donation, Taylor said, or people can send in already decorated bras along with a donation.

Some of the bras are decorated as owls or made from coconuts while others don lace, jewels, pompoms or flowers, even going as far as jingle bells on them. A ribbon is added to indicate whom the bra is honoring or memorializing.

“(Others) think it’s a fun idea and a humorous way to handle a serious situation, and (it’s) a nice tribute,” Taylor said.

The biggest bra Taylor has received is a size 56J from Maine, titled “The Mountains of Maine,” and the longest distance a bra had traveled is from Croatia, called “Save the Girls.” So far, Taylor has received $2,500.

Taylor said women have held decorating parties for the cause and Taylor has even held her own.

Sisters on the Fly is sending proceeds to Casting for Recovery, a nonprofit organization that holds weekend fly-fishing trips for women who have either survived breast cancer or are receiving treatment, said Dee Kelly, program coordinator for Northern New Jersey chapter of Casting for Recovery.

The trips are free; counseling and other services are offered during the weekend.

“These women come on Friday as one person and leave on Sunday as someone else,” Kelly said.

The motion of fly-fishing uses the same muscles as physical therapists suggest to patients for stretching, according to Taylor.

Taylor is already thinking what she’s going to do with the bras after she stops collecting at the end of the year. She’s considered bidding off parts of the line of bras and donating the money raised.

To Donate

Those who want to decorate a bra can either come to the campground or mail a decorated bra to Jean Taylor, 85 Mt. Pleasant Road, Columbia, NJ 07832 with a small donation. Checks must be made payable to Casting for Recovery.




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