Cruise America YouTube Videos Top 2M Visits

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Cruise America, the world’s leader in RV rentals, was notified this week that 2 million visitors have viewed their YouTube channel. The RV rental giant offers over a hundred videos on the site.

According to a news release, these videos are designed to serve a variety of purposes:

  • To offer an orientation and educate rental customers how to operate the class C rental RV, along with the equipment on board.
  • To emphasize the advantages of renting an RV over traveling in a more conventional way, such as an airline, a bus or the family car.
  • To inform customers who want to purchase an RV of how much money they can save by buying a used RV from Cruise America.
  • To offer helpful motorhome trip suggestions, optional routes and points of interest along the way.
  • To simply entertain the viewers, offering a creative, and sometimes funny, spin on the benefits of traveling in a motorhome.
  • To show various uses for a recreational vehicle, other than just family travel. These uses include mobile command posts, temporary offices, or even guest quarters when visitors are in town.
  • To demonstrate the conversion process used by Cruise America to transform their Class C RVs “for rent” to Class C RVs “for sale.” They offer up these used motorhomes to make room for incoming new inventory. This reconditioning process takes the motorhome back to its “good as new” status.

Cruise America representative Michael Smalley said, “We are very pleased with the number of viewers who have watched our videos on YouTube. Many of our customers have found us as a result of these productions. We want to get the message out to the world that RV travel is the most convenient and relaxing way to travel. By placing these videos online, our customers and potential customers get to know us a little better; it’s like giving them a peek into the world of the RV lifestyle.”

Cruise America YouTube videos can be viewed on desktop computers, laptops, phones, tablets, TVs and even the new technologically advanced refrigerators. Each month, one of the videos is placed on Cruise America’s Facebook page, which has drawn a very positive reaction from their followers. The large number of people tuning in evidences the popularity of the videos, both on YouTube and on Facebook.

Besides having a great YouTube channel, Cruise America offers their inventory of fully equipped, self-contained Class C rental RVs and used motorhomes for sale on their website, as well as an extensive list of their rental and sales locations. This enables the public to research, review and make their selection according to their needs. On the site, there are informative videos, featuring the many accommodations and convenient amenities that come with each model.

Click here to visit the Cruise America site on YouTube.


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