Floodwaters Top Campground’s Picnic Tables

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Diane and Keith Grandchamp, owners of the Dream Acres Campground near Monon, Ind., are asessing the damage from floodwaters which inundated their campground in west central Indiana over the weekend.

“All I know is our picnic benches are 18 inches high, and (the water) is higher than that,” Diane Grandchamp told WLFI-TV, Lafayette.

During Friday’s storm they had to evacuate three RVs, which together held 10 campers.

“At about 10 (p.m.) we had to help some of our campers with their kids and get them out,” Diane Grandchamp said. “They had to leave because their place is under water.”

Many camper trailers were still trapped in the water on Monday.

The Grandchamps said they have owned the campground since 2008, and they have never experienced anything like this flooding.

They said it’s a waiting game to see what happens next.

“What we do is take it day by day,” Keith Grandchamp said. “The water will go down eventually.”

The Grandchamps said last year the state replaced a culvert on their property. They said now they need someone from the state to come out and clear out the culvert so the water will drain faster.

As they wait, they are also trying to figure out how much the flooding will affect their business.

They had to refund money to some of the evacuated guests, and some campers chose to leave on their own.

“We’re just a small family-owned campground,” Diane Grandchamp said. “We try our best to keep everything looking nice, but when something like this happens we lose all kinds of money. Our ice, our pop, everything we sell here we can’t sell when we’re under water like this.”

As the Grandchamps wait for the water to go down, they remember this is a learning experience, and it will most likely happen again.

“You can’t fight the rain,” Diane Grandchamp said. “When it comes down that hard, there is nothing we could have done differently.”

“We survived last year with the drought and heat,” Keith Grandchamp said. “We will survive anything.”

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