First KOA Rebranded Campground a ‘Holiday’

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The new sign outside the KOA campground in Billings, Mont., show the new “Holiday” brand. Photo courtesy of KTVQ-TV, Billings.

Fifty years and nearly 500 campgrounds across America later, Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) is defining the experience you can expect when you travel to any of its locations.

Friday afternoon (June 7), KOA officials unveiled a new re-branding strategy that aims to bring new outdoor enthusiasts to its campfire, KTVQ-TV, Billings, Mont., reported.

Over the next few years, each campground will be categorized into three different labels for what the campground has to offer.

“We’ve realized over the past 50 years, the KOA system has evolved and taken different roads. We wanted to provide some segmentation that will allow us to differentiate the types of KOA’s and focus the right image to the right guest,” said Pat Hittmeier, president of KOA.

Parks that were once a overnight stop on the way morphed into having a destination quality to the campsite.

The three-tiered terms that will be present on KOA entrances are “Journey,” “Holiday” and “Resort.”

  • A KOA Journey campsite features minimal amenities; a site set up to be an overnight-type stay, or for those looking to rely more from than surrounding land and need a spot to call base camp.
  • As for KOA Holiday campgrounds, campers experience many different activities, complete with RV hookups, cabins, and expanded services.
  • For a site to be considered a Resort campground, the site is a vacation destination, filled with even more expansive amenities to give guests a complete camping experience.

The KOA in Billings — which also marked the start of the franchise chain — celebrated the next 50 years with a new sign “KOA Holiday” at its entrance and an ice cream social.

The Magic City’s KOA remains the pioneer for the company as its new branding follows many additions made to the site.

Guests now can enjoy deluxe campsites, patios, and other improvements.

“We’ve always tried to stay ahead of things and I believe this is just one more way of leading the way. We always hope to find ways to differentiate ourselves from the competition,” said Dave Linde, who runs the Billings campground with his parents.

Officials expect to rebrand another 60 campsites by the end of 2013 and will detail each site’s category online in the coming years.

Billings’ KOA Holiday is already set for more reservations this summer than the past few years as more people plan to travel this season with the steady plateau of gas prices.

Linde expects more than 50,000 campers to walk through the campground this summer.

“I think (the rebranding) is going to set the tone for the next 50 years,” said Hittmeier.

Earlier this year, KOA celebrated its 50 years with CEO Jim Rogers starring in an episode of the CBS show “Undercover Boss.”



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