Schmarder Releases e-Magazine’s 2nd Issue

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Cover of second issue of Evanne Schmarder’s new e-magazine.

Evanne Schmarder has published the second issue of her new e-magazine.

She states in a news release:
“Providing tools, news and insight on today’s always present and ever-changing digital marketing landscape, Evanne Schmarder of Roadabode Productions is delighted to offer members of the outdoor hospitality and recreation industry a new e-magazine resource to build their businesses – Digital Marketing for the Outdoor Recreation Industry: Digital marketing insights, trends, tips and tricks for businesses dedicated to promoting great outdoor experiences.”
The second monthly edition, June 2013, can be read online and covers a number of items including Facebook’s new hashtags, three Google AdWords mistakes to avoid and a productivity tool that will become an instant constant companion among several other important digital marketing snippets.
The inaugural May issue can be accessed here.
“This digital publication is designed to help busy business owners sift through the avalanche of information to unearth the items that make a difference to their businesses, their customers and our industry,” said Schmarder. “I’m proud that my company has a long tradition of working with and educating many in the outdoor hospitality and recreation industry as it pertains to digital marketing and our new e-magazine will not disappoint. We deliver information that is not only timely and easy to understand but addresses the topics that I’m most asked about by park owners, operators, marketers, and others promoting outdoor recreation.”
Interested parties may click here to subscribe.


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