TengoInternet Lands West Texas Wi-Fi Deals

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A springtime photo take at the Custom Touch Village in Snyder, Texas, one of 12 workforce housing projects in the Cline Shale region in west Texas where TengoInternet will install Wi-Fi service.

TengoInternet, the oldest and largest wireless Internet provider for the outdoor hospitality industry, announced today (June 13) that it is providing high-speed, wireless Internet capability for 12 workforce housing projects in the Cline Shale in West Texas.

The developments are a joint venture of South Dakota-based Custom Touch Homes, Larson Ventures and Turn Key Solutions, according to a news release.

“We are excited to provide the infrastructure for high-speed Internet in these important workforce housing developments,” said Eric Stumberg, CEO and co-founder of TengoInternet. “Workers in this booming region can now enjoy top-quality Wi-Fi to do such things as communicate with their families over e-mail and Skype, watch live-stream video content and play online games. We bring powerful wireless Internet to remote regions around North America to enable a connected experience.”

The Snyder location, known as Custom Touch Village, is holding a grand opening event at 6pm today while groundbreaking at the Sweetwater location occurred on Wednesday. Snyder is located about 230 miles west of Ft. Worth. Custom Touch Village will include accommodations for up to 1,000 workers living in lodges, mobile homes and RVs.

“We want to provide the best living accommodations possible so the employees and their families can have the same quality of life as they have at their homes,” said Dave Ferguson, CEO for Turn Key Solutions, the site’s project management firm. “Providing a top-notch internet experience is part of that excellence and we are pleased to partner with TengoInternet to provide the very best for Custom Touch Village inhabitants.”

In addition to professional network design and installation, TengoInternet will provide Custom Touch and Turnkey Solutions with a branded guest authentication and online network management system, bandwidth management, complete staff training, marketing support, liability management, and 24/7 guest support including a VIP line for the staff at each facility.

The remaining 11 Cline Shale workforce developments are expected to be completed within 18 to 24 months.




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