‘Urban Campers’ Roughing It in Parking Lots!

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Some young partyers in west Ottawa, Ontario, are picking up on a new fad to avoid impaired driving and the high costs of taking taxis, CBC News, Ottawa, reported.

“Urban camping” involves someone parking an RV or trailer in a parking lot near a bar, then sleeping there after a night of drinking.

The CBC’s Ashley Burke caught up with one group from West Carleton who said they go out every couple of weekends to The Crazy Horse bar at the Kanata Centrum shopping mall.

In Kanata, one man parks his RV in the Walmart parking lot, which saves a group of his friends from paying a $60 taxi fare after a night of drinking at a local bar.

Each time they go out, Andrew Walter parks his RV, which he bought on the classifieds website Kijiji, in the Walmart parking lot.

Walmart does allow RVs to park in their lots if they’re warned ahead of time. The company said the rules depend on local bylaws.

That saves about $60 in cab fare, according to the group, and prevents any impaired driving.

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