Club Car Alert: Be Aware of Rivals’ Knock-0ffs

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This Gold Standard Factory Remanufactured Precedent 2 in 1 golf car with fold-down rear seat delivers affordable neighborhood transportation and hours of family fun.

If you’re in the market for a Club Car Gold or Silver Standard Factory Remanufactured golf car, you’ll want to make sure you get what you’re paying for.

“These like-new golf cars have been remanufactured in Club Car’s manufacturing facility in Augusta, Ga., fitted with many new parts and assigned new serial numbers,” Mary A. Sicard, consumer marketing manager at Club Car, reported in a news release.

They are available in two and four-passenger models and electric or gas and accommodate a full range of options and accessories.

Gold Standard Factory Remanufactured vehicles are covered by a three-year Club Car warranty. Silver Standard Factory Remanufactured vehicles are a less expensive entry-level option that are not warrantied.

They’re the next best thing to a new golf car.

Don’t Buy a Knock-off

“Club Car’s remanufactured golf cars are so desirable that a number of unethical wholesalers and dealers are trying to pass vehicles that have not been remanufactured off as the real thing. In several instances, Club Car has identified vehicles with counterfeit labels,” Sicard says.

Take these three steps to make sure you are buying an authentic Club Car remanufactured vehicle:

  • Buy the vehicle from a dealer who clearly displays the Authorized Club Car Dealer sign. The Gold Standard Factory Remanufactured warranty is available only through our authorized dealer network. These warranties are not transferrable, so even if you buy an authentic remanufactured vehicle from another source, it will not be covered by the Club Car warranty.
  • Look for the Club Car gold or silver standard remanufactured vehicle label. You’ll find the horizontal label on the passenger side panel going up to the dashboard. The label will be either gold or silver, depending on the vehicle you are purchasing. If the label is white or any other color, the vehicle is not a Club Car remanufactured vehicle.
  • Identify the 12-digit Club Car remanufactured serial number that runs across the top of the label. This number begins with a six digit alpha-numeric prefix that includes:
  • A number followed by a letter, which identifies the type of vehicle
  • A two-year model number representing the year of remanufacture: 11 for 2011, 12 for 2012, 13 for 2013
  • A two-digit number that represents the week in Club Car’s fiscal year in which the vehicle was remanufactured, with 01 representing the first week in July
  • This prefix will be followed by a dash and a six-digit number that is distinct to the individual car. Make sure the total serial number includes 12 digits.

To find an Authorized Club Car Dealer near you, visit and select “Dealer Locator.”

About Club Car

Club Car, one of the most respected names in the golf industry, is the world’s largest manufacturer of small-wheel, zero-emissions electric vehicles. The company’s Precedent golf cars and Carryall turf utility vehicles are integral to successful operations at thousands of courses around the world. The company also offers a complete line of new and used golf cars, XRT utility vehicles and street-legal, low speed vehicles (LSVs) for personal use, all backed by Club Car’s 50+ year legacy of superior design, manufacture and service.

Club Car is part of the Industrial Technology Sector of Ingersoll Rand, and is based in Augusta, Ga.




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