Florida Ties NY for Third Most Populous State

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Move over California, Texas and New York! Florida is now tied with New York as the third most populous state in the U.S.

People are moving back to the Sunshine State at record rates and it’s affecting the workplace, real estate and the economy, WBBH-TV, Fort Myers, Fla., reported.

The numbers don’t lie.

“We knew it would come back, and it came back in game busters,” says Realtor Chris Griffith.

The Demographic Estimating Committee just released the new numbers, and Florida came in higher than last year, now at 19.26 million people. That’s up 1% after a rough eight years for everyone, including Bonita Springs Mayor and business owner Ben Nelson.

“Everyone was growing, growing, growing, you couldn’t grow your company fast enough. You got the money you needed to run your company, when you bid for something you got it, then after 2006 it became a matter of survival,” Nelson said.

Those who didn’t survive are now coming back, looking for places to work and live.

“We’re seeing it come back, and come back really quickly now,” Griffith said.

That’s evident by the number of units sold this June in Bonita. It’s up to 252 units compared to a low of 118 units in 2007.

“It’s telling us that things are great people are back here bargain shopping trying to get their real estate before net rest rates go up,” Griffith said.

There’s been so much interest from people wanting to move to Bonita that there simply isn’t enough room. So the city hired a consultant to look at vacant property east of Interstate 75 and north of East Terry Street to see what it could be in the future.

“People are going to do what’s the highest and best use of the property,” Nelson said.

What that is is still unknown, but space that will likely be filled. The committee is estimating Florida will surpass a population of 20 million by 2016.

“People want to be in Florida, people want to be in Southwest Florida. We knew they’d come back and they really are with vengeance,” Nelson said.



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