FRVTA Board Adds 11 to Scholarship Program

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The Florida RV Trade Association’s (FRVTA) board, during its July meeting, added 11 new students to the FRVTA Scholarship. According to a press release, the move brings the total number of students on the scholarship program to 26 full-time and three part-time students.

The FRVTA Scholarship began in the fall of 1990 and since that time over 100 students have received an undergraduate degree with the aid of the scholarship. The scholarship pays students $500 per semester or up to $1,000 per year for a total of $4,000 per student. Students must attend an in-state college and must maintain a 3.0 grade point average.

“Every year we get a lot of qualified applicants,” said Nelda Iacono, chairman of the FRVTA Scholarship Committee. “I wish we could give them all scholarships, but I’m real pleased with the applicants we’ve chosen. We base the scholarship not only on academic achievement, but upon financial need and extracurricular activities. I feel this is one of the most important membership benefits our association offers.”

Students currently on the FRVTA Scholarship are Courtney Runte’, Evan Richardson, Ciara Sibbick, Brittani Worden, Ryan Lynch, Cody Cochran, Michael Ryan, Cameron Purton, Charles O’Neil, Benjamin Molay, Courtney Craig, Dalton Dee, Trey Poehlman, Kevin Smith, Alexandra Spitzer, Jessica Williams, Justin Downey-Defretas, Adrienne Gerzeny, April Graham, Irene Medina, Danielle Prunty, Samantha Purton, Marissa Scrofano, Bradley Senderling, Veronica Beltran, Kayley Clay, Lisa Sansbury, Jennifer Postlewaite and Gina Newell.


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