RMS North America Promotes Revised Website

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RMS has finally brought its all-in-one reservation management system to parks, campgrounds and outdoor resorts around North America. Boasting “everything you need in one convenient package,” this uniquely comprehensive software system integrates once separate functions into a streamlined, simple-to-understand program, according to a news release.

RMS Parks and RMS Park and Resorts handle online bookings, channel management, price yielding, and more, to aid in maximizing occupancy and profits. The single solution provider also helps parks and campgrounds avoid the common pitfalls of utilizing separate pieces of software, including interfacing errors, missed reservations and duplicate bookings.

While recently introduced stateside, Australia-based RMS has amassed over 3,500 clients and 30 years of industry experience. Overseeing the U.S. launch is Global Sales and Marketing Manager David Jones. An industry and RMS veteran, Jones is currently assisting the introduction of the software systems while also acting as a liaison between the Australian headquarters and new U.S. headquarters in San Diego.

“Years ago, we (RMS) made a strategic decision to build a single system that incorporates reservations, online booking tools, rate management assistance, and point of sale and maintenance management,” said David Jones. “As the online platform grew, RMS built in seamless channel management capabilities that pass rate and availability, and accept bookings from external sources like online booking agents. These are features single systems often don’t have the capacity to do.”

While many campgrounds and parks continue to use separate systems to complete daily tasks, the RMS software packages are quickly eliminating the need to seek out multiple providers. The company believes their platform, with advanced mobile capabilities, will speak to park operators’ need to stay competitive

Continued Jones, “It’s a cutthroat market, with each reservation counting. No one can afford to lose a reservation because of a software issue. Park operators deserve a simple solution, where components will effectively speak with one another. That’s exactly what RMS North America can provide.”

Since entering the U.S. market, RMS North America has garnered attention in the local park and campground sector, already picking up a number of corporate and family-owned properties. Jones and the San Diego-based RMS team have also recently launched an updated North American website. For more information or to book a consultation, visit

About RMS North America

Located in San Diego, the North American branch of RMS is steadily working to be the leading provider of software solutions for the outdoor accommodation sector. With RMS software, park owners can increase occupancy and average daily rates while improving efficiency with a sophisticated, yet easy to use tool set. RMS’s range of tools include: reservation system, online bookings, built in point of sale system, proactive maintenance management, channel management and more. Visit

About RMS 

RMS is an Australian-based company that has been supplying the international RV park and campground industries for 30 years. Over 3,500 properties now benefit from RMS’s advanced software solutions, specifically designed for the outdoor accommodation sector.



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