Scary Theme Park Simulates Border Crossing

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Photo of the rough terrain surrounding a Mexican theme park that simulates an illegal border crossing into the U.S.

Editor’s Note: Campgrounds looking for a novel way to spruce up their park at Halloween might consider this novel theme park in central Mexico.

Most amusement parks scare their visitors through traditional methods of scary haunted houses or extreme roller coaster rides. The parks try to win over new visitors with these heart-stopping attractions.

However, one theme park located in Hidalgo, a state in Mexico in the central part of the country, has successfully frightened visitors in another way,

The park offers its visitors a three- to four-hour “Night Walk” that simulates a Mexico to U.S. bordering crossing in the dark of night. The attraction costs visitors the equivalent of $20 in Mexican pesos.

At Parque EcoAlberto, which is more than 800 miles from the actual U.S.-Mexico border, visitors are led on a hike that is seven miles long by fake smugglers known as “coyotes.” The hike includes attempting to stay away from any barking dogs, climbing over fences, hiding from beaming flashlights, among other not so friendly encounters. The idea is not to be found by the park’s own fake border agent patrol.

One lucky visitor gets the full border guard treatment from a 
gun-toting guard. These guards and angry bandits are not the welcome you might expect at a theme park.

An industry magazine wrote that the park attraction offered a bizarre, unique and interesting experience that makes park goers feel they are actually crossing the border under the dark of night.

Officials at the theme park said the goal of this attraction was to generate more money for the local community and to help discourage young men and women from heading north to attempt a crossing that has become more and more dangerous.

One group in the United States that is anti-immigration said the attraction was very good since it helped to discourage more Mexicans from making the illegal crossing.


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