S. Sioux City to Add 30 Campsites for Workers

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A map of the Scenic Park campground along the Missouri River in South Sioux City, Neb. Twenty additional RV sites are being built on the site of the pond (shown in blue at right of map) that formerly served the campground. A 10-acre site downstream from the park (not shown on map) will be developed to hold 30 other RV sites to accommodate industrial expansion nearby. Map courtesy of South Sioux City Park Department.

CF Industries is planning a $1.7 billion expansion project, one of the largest in Iowa’s history.

To accommodate the increased number of construction workers, leaders in nearby South Sioux City, Neb., are planning to expand its campground, KTIV-TV, Sioux City, Iowa, reported.

City council members approved on Wednesday (July 10) a letter to CF regarding future housing needs.

The city is proposing to build 30 RV campsites on a 10-acre area near the soccer fields about a quarter-mile south of Scenic Park.

The sites would have sewer, electric and water with the capability of year round occupancy.

But this will only happen if the city can get a two-year guarantee from CF.

“We think that expanding the campground, expanding opportunity here is in the best long term interest to the city,” said Lance Hedquist, South Sioux City administrator.

The city estimates the cost of the expansion project would be $320,000.


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