Bradley Corp. Unveils 2 New Lavatory Systems

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Verge L-Series

Bradley Corp. has introduced two new lavatory systems

The streamlined Verge L-Series system is designed exclusively for the most upscale and refined commercial restroom applications — perfect for high-design restrooms in recreational facilities. Known for its minimalist aesthetics and clean lines, the Verge L-Series features an attractive, molded and completely seamless basin made from Bradley’s durable and sustainable Evero® Natural Quartz surface. Its classic design, complemented by modern curves and lines, evokes a sense of timeless elegance and distinction.

Meanwhile, the company has also introduced the highly durable HS-Series Terreon Solid Surface Undermount Basins – the only collection of ADA-compliant, multipurpose basins featuring a flat bottom design with clean, contemporary lines. The flat bottom design not only provides a high aesthetic, but also maximizes capacity making the basins ideal for general hand washing or multipurpose use. They are especially suited for a variety commercial hand washing applications — including fitness and sports facilities.

Omnideck HS-Series

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