Current Briefs for RV Parks and Campgrounds

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From the Sacramento Bee:

Lawmakers have sent Gov. Jerry Brown a bill designed to deter a repeat of the financial scandal that rocked the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

The bill by Democratic Sen. Richard Roth of Riverside requires that state department heads swear under penalty of perjury that they are sending accurate budget information to the state Department of Finance. Violations could bring prison terms of up to four years.

SB801 is in response to the discovery last summer of $54 million hidden in two parks department special funds.

Part of the problem was that parks officials did not provide proper financial data to state budget officials. The parks director and others lost their jobs.

Senators agreed to Assembly amendments on a 37-0 vote Monday (Aug. 26), sending the bill to the governor.


From the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan:

The Yankton County Commission shined a spotlight on Larson’s Landing campground this week, and now the campground’s residents will have a lot more sunshine to contend with while staying there.

At issue during the meeting was whether a patio shade, consisting of four poles and a roof and the personal property of the camper, is a structure according to the definition of the county zoning ordinance. If so, a building permit is needed to construct them in the Moderate Density Rural Residential District (R-2) where Larson’s Landing is located.

The commission decided it is a structure and ordered removal of the patio shades at Larson’s Landing.





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