Mass. Park Owner Gives Up After 30-Year Fight

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After battling the town of Middleboro for 30 years Barbara Holton has thrown in the towel and is ready to accept a $2.5 million offer from a developer for her 40-acre campground, WATD-TV, Marshfield, Mass., reported.

Holton has been at the center of a slew of court cases since she was denied a permit for 100 campers in 1984 for her Tispaquin Family Campground. The campground is closed this season by court order, and Holton said she’s run out of money to fight.

The $2.5 million offer is contingent on the town approving a 40-unit affordable housing project and Middleboro Town Manager Charles Cristello says that throws a curve ball into the mix. Cristello said the offer must be modified for the town to act and even so, he’s not so sure there’s money for the purchase.

According to Middleboro Assessor Barbara Erickson, Holton’s property is valued at $689,600. Erickson said Holton has been getting a 25% recreational tax break on the property, which entitles the town to the right of first refusal.

Selectman Allin Frawley wants to save the property from development because it abuts the 300-acre Weston Forest and the 3,000-acre Rocky Gutter Wildlife Management Area, but he’s not so sure residents are interested in acquiring a town beach.

Selectmen will seek public input on the matter at their Aug. 12 meeting.



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