Report: Drought Eases in Central Plains States

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Summary: Cooler than normal conditions along with a wet week allowed for improvements in the drought status over several central Plains states. The seasonal monsoon continues to be active in the Southwest, but many of the rain events have been spotty. Rain continues to fall over most of the eastern United States, with only a few areas of drought east of the Missouri River.

Looking Ahead: Over the next five days (July 31-Aug. 4) temperatures will continue to be cool over much of the United States, with departures from normal in the 3-6 degrees Fahrenheit range over the Northeast, Midwest, northern Plains and West Coast. The warmest temperatures are expected over the South. The active rain pattern will continue over much of the eastern half of the United States. Rainfall of more than an inch is projected over areas from Nebraska eastward, including much of the East Coast. The monsoon rainfalls over the desert Southwest will likely continue into next week. Most of the West and Texas are expected to stay dry during this time.

The CPC 6-10 day forecast (Aug. 5-9) The best chances for cooler than normal temperatures will be over the central and northern Plains, Midwest, and Northeast, with the best chances for above normal temperatures in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and the southern Plains. There are good chances for above normal precipitation over much of the eastern half of the United States, with the best chances in the central Plains. The best chances for below normal precipitation are in southern Texas and the Great Basin of the western United States.


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