Seasonals at One Alberta RV Park Face Eviction

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A sudden change in campground management has left several seasonal campers west of Edmonton, Alberta, without water and with an eviction threat.

The root of the problem appears to be a business deal gone bad at the Allan Beach Resort which is located just west of Stony Plain, reported. The site manager, who was leasing the property, backed out of a deal to buy the resort. He’s accused of taking the money paid by seasonal campers, which has left the site owner scrambling to keep the resort operating.

“They don’t have an agreement with any of these tenants on the site, nor have they received any of the funds that were originally paid for those people to get on there,” says Jeff McCammon, a real estate associate for selling the property.

The management change left campers with no water and bathrooms. Both problems have since been addressed, but seasonal campers are now being asked to pay extra for services they have already paid between $1,000 to $4,000.

“I don’t feel it’s right. That’s what we paid for and that’s what we should get. And if they can’t supply it then they need to come up with a solution. Not charge us more money,” says seasonal camper Linda Dolmage.

The former site manager who backed out of the deal to buy the property tells Global News it was simply a business deal gone wrong. He says he has given most of the money from the seasonal lease agreements back to the owner, but admits he has kept some of it to compensate what he says is the $450,000 of his own money he put toward improving the property.

The seasonal campers at the resort say they don’t know who’s at fault, they simply want to enjoy their summer; however, for that to happen, they’ll have to pay the $200 fee by next week or risk having their RVs towed from the site.



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