Floodwaters Awaken W. Virginia Campers

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Click here to watch a newscast about the following story, courtesy of WDTV-TV, Bridgeport, W. Va.

Ritchie County campground residents had a rude awakening Tuesday morning (Aug. 13) when a flash flood rocked their campground.

Around 3:00 a.m., a heavy thunderstorm struck the Rinehart Campground near Ellenboro, causing the creek by the campground to quickly rise. Campers didn’t have time to grab personal belongings before they had to swim for their safety. Several trailers were damaged or destroyed; one was even swept away.

Luckily, no one was hurt or killed but campers said it was a nightmare experience they’ll never forget.

Royka Kendall said, “I tried to throw the blanket over me and it felt like it weighed 200 lbs. It was soaking wet, it slopped over, and I thought what’s going on here? We got up out of there, opened the door, and walked into chest high water about four feet deep.”

The campers thanked the Ellenboro Volunteer Fire Department for all their help.



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