Harleys Descend on Wisconsin Campgrounds

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The office at Lazy Days Campground in West Bend, Wis., whose motto is “Where there is no finer person in the world than a camper… and we treat you that way.” Campers from 35 states and four foreign countries converge on the campground for the annual Harley-Davidson celebration in Milwaukee, 29 miles away. 

Campgrounds throughout southeast Wisconsin are starting to fill up with Harley-Davidson riders — and RVs pulling trailers with bikes.

During the day, those riders are usually out touring the state. At night, they return to the campsites — many of which have been booked since the end of 2012, Fox News 6, Milwaukee, reported.

The Bufkin family from Hattiesburg, Miss., went the campground route for their trip to Milwaukee and Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary Celebration. They also brought their two children to visit relatives in Wisconsin while they camp and attend the 110th.

“It’s hard to really explain. It kind of feels like something you do, part of owning a Harley, see where they built them, who built them, a museum full of cool things, how they design them,” said Lainee Bufkin.

Lainee Bufkin bought her Harley a few years ago at Uke’s Harley-Davidson in Kenosha. So this is a welcome home of sorts not only for her, but for her Harley.

“It’s kind of neat bringing them back to where it all started. 1903 right?” said Bufkin.

Staying with friends or at a hotel is always an option. But camping is the way to go for hundreds coming to the Harley reunion. The campsites are filling up fast.

Eric Waters owns the Lazy Days Campground in West Bend, where more than 300 sites will be full very soon.

“We’ve got people here from probably 35 different states, probably three or four different countries so it starts early,” said Waters. “We take reservations early because people try to get places that they know they got something set right away. The biggest problems with a lot of hotels is they don’t really know until like April or may what’s going on.”

You might think the party continues here at the campgrounds at night. But the owner of Lazy Days says not really. People come to the camp to get away after the parties — and gear up for the next day of fun.



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