Ala. Gulf Coast RV Park Plans Shelved, Again

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Plans for an RV park in Orange Beach, Ala., located on the Gulf of Mexico, have again been delayed. Blue symbols mark the locations of hotels in the resort community. Curvy brown line at right marks the border with Florida. Map courtesy of Yahoo! Travel.

A planned vote for an 80-lot upscale RV resort and 29-lot single-family subdivision on Perdido Beach Boulevard in Orange Beach, Ala., was shelved for a second time Tuesday night (Sept. 17) as the city reviews a nearly 30-year-old agreement with the developer, the Mobile Press-Register reported.

On the table is a request by Mobile-based Beach Land LLC to build Park RV Resort at Romar Beach and the Park’s Edge subdivision next to The Village of Tannin. The council’s stance on the issue has been mixed leading up to the vote, which held over from the last meeting at the developer’s request.

During a two-hour public hearing last month about a half-dozen Tannin residents as well as other neighbors voiced concerns over the pending development saying it does not fit with the existing community and that the city already has enough RV parks.

Those concerns were raised despite the developers’ plans to provide double buffering between Tannin and the RV resort and a total separation of that development, including a separate entrance, from the subdivision on Perdido Beach Boulevard, across from Phoenix West II. The developers have also received support from Tannin’s homeowners’ association.

Park’s Edge, a single-family development, would link up with Tannin’s existing roads and has no opposition as the residents have said they prefer single-family homes.

“The project continues to be tabled because the developers brought to our attention an agreement signed with a resolution by the council and mayor in 1986 to allow certain rights in the development of that piece of property in question,” Mayor Tony Kennon explained after the council voted to table the issue. “And that agreement is now being analyzed by our attorneys and will be discussed with us as to whether we have already fulfilled that obligation or we have not.”

Kennon said Beach Land’s request will come before the council at its next meeting in two weeks.



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