CalARVC – How to Keep the Momentum Going!

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Editor’s Note: The following tips come courtesy of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) which published them in the current edition of “Wednesday Morning Coffee Talk & Updates” e-newsletter.

Now that Labor Day has come and gone along with the official end of the camping season, this is not the time to sit back and relax. It is the time to keep the momentum going. This is the time to implement a shoulder season marketing campaign. Camping won’t be the top-of-mind this time of year. You will have to remind them. Use the digital tools at your disposal:

  • Electronic Newsletters – If you have been using them all along….Great job. If you haven’t, now is the perfect time to start. It’s time for your fall season edition. There are several enews programs on the market with iContact or Constant Contact being some of the most popular. Retreive as many email addresses as you can from your front office software. It may take a bit of work to get the first issue out, after that it’s just writing the content.
  • Promote the unique “fallness” of your region in your eNews and on your website. What is the best about your region in the fall? Is it the local pumpkin & harvest festivals? Is it the best weather at the coast? Is it the fall colors? Is it the relaxed season without the crowds? Whatever it is, campers will want to come take advantage of it if they know about it.
  • Host a wrap up camping weekend. Bring in a local technician to talk about winterizing RVs. Allow the technician to schedule individual assessments with your guests for a fee. The technician can get reimbursed for his time and the camper will get an objective evaluation of work that needs done on his rig.
  • Join the trend and have a Halloween weekend with costume parades, best decorated campsite, ghost stories around the campfire. Many parks have several “Halloween” weekends because the event has become soooo popular. For ideas of what other parks across the country are doing to extend their shoulder season,  click here>
  • Sign up for Camp-California’s $50 weekend event. Receive promotion on and through traditional press releases along with social media coverage.
  • Make sure to keep your social media conversations going. Continue to post regularly to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other pages. Need help creating a social media plan? Theresa Christian of MyCampMate guides you through the process in our Social Media Summer Series. Link to Theresa’s articles
  • Invest in digital advertising campaigns. Unlike print advertising of the past, your advertising campaigns were year round. Now you can create seasonal campaigns promoting the unique season and activities.  Click here to contact a Camp-California Advertising consultant.

Pay attention to what you are doing now. Replicate this process in the spring. All you have to do is change the messaging. Continue to use your enewsletters, website, social media and digital advertising to promote local events, Easter and spring break activities, spring wildflowers, wildlife viewing, and even offer a spring cleaning session….Bring your RV and Shake off the Winter Cobwebs. Bring in a local service technician to talk about annual maintenance. All the “dudes” will love tinkering on their rigs together, sharing tips and suggestions, and asking advice from others.





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