Colo. Floodings Force Massive Park Closures

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Due to the historic flooding of the last five days, several parks and wildlife areas, as well as forest access are closed until further notice, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) announced Monday (Sept. 16).

According to Fox 31, Denver, northeast region parks closed:

  • Eldorado Canyon State Park.
  • Jackson Lake State Park.
  • St. Vrain State Park.

Northeast region state wildlife areas and state trust lands closed:

  • Atwood SWA & STL.
  • Big Thompson Ponds SWA.
  • Boyd Ponds SWA.
  • Bravo SWA including the Scalva Parcel.
  • Brower SWA.
  • Brush SWA.
  • Centennial Valley SWA.
  • Cottonwood SWA.
  • Dune Ridge SWA.
  • Eagle Canyon STL.
  • Elliott SWA.
  • Ford Bridge STL.
  • Forks SWA.
  • Frank SWA.
  • Jean K. Tool SWA|.
  • Julesburg SWA.
  • Knudson SWA.
  • Messex SWA.
  • Mitani Tokuyasu SWA.
  • Mt. Evans SWA.
  • Nakagawa SWA.
  • Narrows SWA.
  • Overland Trail SWA.
  • Pony Express SWA.
  • Red Lion STL.
  • Sedgwick Bar SWA.
  • Simpson Ponds SWA.
  • Tamarack SWA.
  • Watson Lake SWA.
  • Webster SWA.

Limited access:

  • Ralston Creek SWA (parking lot washed out—hunters can park at Golden Gate Canyon State Park).

CPW recommends that hunters not cross the South Platte to go hunting, as additional flood waters are anticipated and may close roads that are currently open.

Storm Mountain access road is closed except for emergency purposes by order of Larimer County and Highway 5 in Clear Creek County is being closed on and off at various spots.



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