Current Briefs from RV Parks and Campgrounds

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Two-colored lobster. Photo courtesy of WABI-TV, Bangor


From WABI-TV, Bangor:

A two-toned lobster is certainly a rare catch. Only one in every 50 million lobsters are born half red.

What may be even more unusual, though, is two, two-toned lobsters picked up off the coast of Maine in less than a month.

The owner of Seaview Campground in Eastport netted this one a couple of weeks ago.

It’s also known as a harlequin lobster.

Basil Pottle’s turning it over to the Huntsman Aquarium in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick so other can see it, too.

A couple of weeks ago, a lobsterman off Owls Head also caught one.

It’s now living in the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland.

The only lobster considered to be more rare than a two-toned one is an albino lobster.

You have a one in 100-million chance of netting one of those.

Click here to watch a brief video from WABI-TV on two-toned lobsters.


From the Wenatchee World:

A 7-year-old girl listened to her instincts for danger Sunday afternoon (Sept. 1) and rode her bicycle away from a man who was trying to get her to his car at the Nason Creek Campground.

The girl was not harmed, said Sgt. Bruce Long with the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office. A man approached the girl about 1 p.m. as she was riding her bike around the campground. “He asked if she would help him get his little daughter out of the car,” Long said. “She got close enough to see into the car and saw that nobody else was inside and she jumped on her bike and left.”

The girl, whose hometown was not available, described the man’s car as a red four-door. She described him as having an accent that was possibly Russian, Long said. He was about 40 years old, standing 5 feet, 8 inches to 5 feet, 10 inches tall. He was wearing a white or gray work shirt. The shirt and his pants had oil spots on them.

Aerial view of Tulsa RV Ranch, located 20 miles south of Tulsa, Okla.


From the Greater Tulsa Reporter:

The Heart of America Farm Show, presented by Heart of America Trade Shows LLC, will be held Sept. 20-22 at the Tulsa RV Ranch Arena, a 160-acre facility located on Highway 75, 20 miles south of Tulsa. This farm-and-ranch-equipment show will include exhibits by national farm equipment distributors, cow dog demonstrations, guest speakers, a kid’s zone, professional bull riding and more events. There will also be drawings including one for a 32-foot Red Rhino hay trailer. Admission to the farm show is free.

To date, the show has attracted exhibitors from nine states.

Tulsa RV Ranch Arena, where Heart of America Farm Show is located, features a covered arena, two onsite restaurants and a saloon, an RV park, and 160 acres.


From Riverton Radio:

A lightning strike on Aug. 29 is suspected of causing the Burroughs Fire about 12 miles north of Dubois, which has grown to about 1,800 acres in just a few days.

The fire forced the evacuation of the T Cross and Moose Willow ranches as well as campgrounds in the area and some roads.

In all, there are four homes and 20 other buildings were threatened by the fire.


From WJCL-TV, Savannah:

Two 17-year-old girls who were in line to rent a paddle boat were hit by stray gunfire on Saturday (Aug. 31) at the Griffin Lake Campground in Guyton.

“It sounded like a firecracker. Couldn’t really tell cause it was thundering too,” said Sean Hafer from Hinesville, who was camping there with his family. He and many others had no idea what was going on.

Deputies subsequently arrested Samantha King, 20, with reckless conduct and took her to the county jail.

Darlene Bashlor and her husband own the campground. She said King is married to her foster son Phillip and the couple has a 6-month-old son. They live in a cottage right across from the Griffin Lake store.

Bashlor said the couple had been fighting but her son was inside the store at the time of the shooting. King started throwing his stuff out of the house and onto the porch.

“She threw his boots and stuff out and then she threw the gun,” Bashlor explained. “She didn’t realize even what she had. I think it was in a blanket. She threw the gun and it went off.”

The gun went off and the bullet went through the side of the store and came through the wall, hitting the girls.

“It hit one of the girls,” Bashlor said. “It grazed her. And then ricocheted off her and hit the other one. And it looked like a BB gun on one girl and then the other one, took a little bruise probably the size of a baseball.”

Bashlor said she talked to King, who feels really bad and wants to apologize. Bashlor said the girls told her they hold no hard feelings.

King was charged with reckless conduct, which is a misdemeanor. She posted $1,300 bond Saturday night. She’s now staying with family in Savannah.




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