Flooded RVer’s Call to a TV Station Got Results

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Editor’s Note: The following story is courtesy of WFTX-TV, Fort Myers, Fla. Click here to watch a video of the story.

Flood frustration! A Southwest Florida woman puts thousands of dollars into her home at an RV park in San Carlos Park, only to have it flooded when it rains. Tonight she wants to know what management is doing to help her out while her home is underwater.

Last week, It was ‘pay your September lot rent or we’ll evict ya!” Now, after she called us, they’re going out of their way to help her out. So much so that now they’ve offered her both a temporary and a permanent place to live.

“They never told me about flooding at all, at all, nothing,” said Kathy Brown, who bought the unit in January. She was living in the Indian Creek RV Park in San Carlos Park until last week when heavy rains flooded her front porch, making it hard to get into her house. So, she went to the parks management and said, “I’m in a total disaster and all that they’re telling me is that you better pay by the first or we’ll have you evicted,” Brown recalled. “That’s what they told me.”

So Brown called FOX4 and we went and took a look. “People all helped me,” Brown added. “We gutted the whole house. We put $5,000 in. There’s a new fridge, new stove, new floors, wood floors.”

Brown says she then called the Red Cross, which paid for a hotel for five days until Sunday. She worries where she will now live. I took Ms. Brown’s concerns to park management who tells me over the phone that while she let us in to see the damage she didn’t do that for the park. “She didn’t want us to go in the unit,” said Tom O’Branovich, Sr. vice president for Sun Communities Inc. which owns the park. “What we do is go in and just evaluate it.”

After FOX4 got involved, the park agreed to help her out by putting her in one of its rental units even though she bought the property from someone else. “We’re trying to accommodate her to help her through the situation,” O’Branovich explained. “I mean we feel bad because we weren’t a party to the original transaction.”

Tuesday, the park offered to give her another unit, for free. But, she turned it down, telling FOX4 it needs electrical work. But park management says it isn’t giving up. “We’ll just have to work with her to figure out, in the end, what she wants,” said O’Branovich. “I guess she doesn’t feel that she wants to move, that she should have to move.”

He told FOX4 they will call Brown back Wednesday to see what she wants to do.



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