Pelland: Beaver Dam Campground’s New Look

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With an extensive list of new work in production, Pelland Advertising announced the completion of the first two legs of a new marketing campaign for Beaver Dam Campground, in Berwick, Maine.

A website built by Pelland Advertising back in 2004 has been replaced by a new responsive website that complements the look of the park’s new advertising designed by Pelland for the 2014 MECOA (Maine Campground Owners Association) directory, according to a news release.

According to Michelle Burgess and Sheila Buck, co-owners of Beaver Dam Campground, “After we bought a campground with an obviously ‘broken’ website, we met Peter Pelland at a trade show and knew that Pelland Advertising was the one for our website and advertising needs. Peter is professional, knowledgeable, a perfectionist, has a great sense of humor, and is a pleasure to work with. His company created a new website for us which literally paid for itself within two weeks.”

This year, when new specifications forced the production of a new ad for the MECOA directory, “the new ad that Pelland Advertising produced far exceeded our expectations. We knew that the ad would effectively draw people to our website which, in turn, made us take a closer look at our existing site. We are thrilled with our new responsive website, and the reaction that we have received has been tremendous.”

According to Pelland Advertising’s Charles Davis, the designer on the Beaver Dam projects, “One of our tasks with the new website was to create a fully responsive, smart-device friendly table system with rows and columns that dynamically respond in width and height. On the Rates & Reservations page, for example, the table of information adjusts to the device view, producing a toggle with a plus/minus button. The result is that HTML tables look awesome on smaller devices, regardless of the number of columns of data.”

Additional legs of this new marketing campaign for Beaver Dam Campground will be gradually introduced over the coming months. Michelle Burgess and Sheila Buck continue, “As small business owners, resources are limited, so our brochures will be updated when we are running low. When it is time to produce those, along with our new business cards and site maps, we will once again turn to Pelland Advertising.”

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