VIDEO – Preview Workamper ‘Discovery Days’

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Site of the Workamper Discovery Days Nov. 1-4.

Today’s video is courtesy of Workamper News.

150 “dreamers” and experienced Workampers will be meeting for Workamper Discovery Days at the Shadow Hills RV Resort in Indio, Calif., Nov. 1-4 to build and develop their Workamping knowledge and skills.

According to the Workamper News website, this two-day event will be packed with great opportunities to learn from the pros as well as network with other likeminded folks who are either excited about entering the lifestyle or have past experience under their belts.

Day One will begin with registration and breakfast. We will have our Discovery Days kick off session to get everyone fired up and those brain cells ready for action and absorption.

Next, we’ll jump right in with Jaimie Hall Bruzenak who will be sharing how to set yourself up for success in the world of Workamping.

After a lunch break, Gary Lewis, the RV Driving Expert, will be demonstrating how to have Zero Damage and be a safe, accident free driver every time you hit the road.

Next you will learn from Terry Cooper – The Texas RV Professor. He will teach you what to look for and inspect as you shop for your next RV as well as learning how to check out your current rig if you already have one.

After a dinner break, we will have an RV Home Show event where you will have the opportunity to check out different rigs to get ideas for your first RV or that next purchase.


Day Two

Day Two will begin with breakfast and a review.

After breakfast while you are wide awake, we will introduce you to George Montgomery to learn about picking your Domicile and how to setup your future lifestyle to maximize on tax savings, etc.

After a short break, you will be taken into an advanced Research and Design Your Future seminar with Steve Anderson, president/director of possibilities with Workamper News.

After lunch, it will be time to fire up the training on your technical online skills so you can maximize your future marketing and connect yourself with the opportunities that are the best fit for your future.

Sunday evening, it will be time to close Workamper Discovery Days and say goodbye to all who will not be staying for Bonus Day training on Monday.

This is our first event away from home, and it’s shaping up to be an awesome time for everyone involved. We are so excited to be able to offer this event to you and we hope to see you there!

Register your seat today and assure that you will be able to attend. This event has a maximum capacity of 150 attendees due to facility size. Don’t miss out!

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