Lucas St. Clair Eases ‘Mainers’ on Park Plan

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Lucas St. Clair and wife Yemaya. Lucas is working hard to promote his mother’s plan to turn a 100,000-acre site she owns into a new national park in Maine.

The man in jeans, a plaid shirt and flip-flops who strolled onto the lawn Sept. 11 at Shin Pond Village near Mount Chase looked like a drift-boat guide or a long-distance hiker. Not too long ago, he was.

But today Lucas St. Clair is president of the board of Elliotsville Plantation Inc., the company Roxanne Quimby formed to manage the 100,000 acres of land she owns in northern Maine, The Morning Sentinel, Showhegan, Maine, reported.

Quimby wants to create a national park on the land, a vision that has stirred bitter opposition among many residents, who fear they will lose the opportunity to hunt, snowmobile, trap and pursue other traditional outdoor activities if the land comes under federal control.

Quimby herself has been vilified by her critics, especially after testy meetings with residents in the Millinocket area where she came across, according to some participants, as arrogant and insensitive.

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