Mich. Campgrounds Saw Little Shutdown Impact

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Dawn and Steve Hall of Traverse City, Mich., saw a few extra campers at the start of the federal government partial shutdown in October.

While the fall gathering of the Michigan Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC Michigan) came soon after the federal government’s partial shutdown ended, the shutdown wasn’t a major topic of conversation for the conference attendees.

Part of it was timing. The Oct. 1 start of the shutdown happened at the same time some Michigan campgrounds and RV parks started to close for the season.

“It was no impact for me, because it was at the end of the season for us,” said Carl Laming of Totem Pole Park LLC in Petersburg, Mich. “That’s unique about this part of the country, everyone closes for the winter.”

Dave Cordray, ARVC Michigan’s new president, said despite all the media attention to the shutdown, “did that show up on our radar screen? No.”

While Laming expressed frustration with back pay given to federal employees furloughed during the shutdown, Cordray’s frustration was with federal employees going out of their way to close a river access point near his White River RV Park and Campground in Montague, Mich.

Tim Wilcox, who ended his term as ARVC Michigan president right after the shutdown ended, said the organization’s owners saw no real impact. “I haven’t heard anybody complain, and it didn’t really affect us” at Gateway Park Campground in the south-central part of the state.

Steve Hall of Holiday Park Campground in Traverse City said, “we might have had some positive grow because there are national parks up by us that shut down. It definitely didn’t adversely affect us,” though any positive impact was limited to a handful of campers, he said. It was the same story for his brother-in-law, who operates a Kampgrounds of America campground in the Traverse City area, Hall said.



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