RVers to Pay Fee to Camp along Flood Plain

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Outdoor enthusiasts who camp along the Muskingum River in Ohio or other flood plain areas will need to pay a permit fee beginning next spring.

The Zanesville Times Recorder report that County Flood Plain Administrator Ray Mennega is making a renewed effort to enforce the county’s “Flood Damage Reduction Resolution” that has been on the books since 2010 and was revised in 2012.

He met with the Muskingum County commissioners on two occasions in the past month to get their support for collecting permit fees from campers, something that was previously authorized but Mennega has never followed through on.

“We already have the regulation on the books. We just need to start enforcing it,” Commissioner Jim Porter said.

The permit fee will be $50, but people found out of compliance who do not agree to make changes could face up to a $300 fine prosecuted through county court system, Mennega said.

How the permit fee will be collected — whether by Mennega at time of inspection or the property/campground owner at time of arrival — has not been determined.

“What I’m looking for is, that they have quick disconnects of utilities in case of flooding, that they are properly licensed, have paid their permit fee and have wheels so they can be moved away from flood waters,” he said. “Basically, you can’t have an attached deck, which I have seen in some cases.”

He said the concern is that, if a flood event occurs, unsecured campers could be dislodged in the river or creek beds and cause damage to county bridges or culverts.

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