Texas Group Names Two Parks of the Year

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The Texas Recreational Vehicle Association (TRVA) named two “Parks of the Year” for 2013.

The “Medium Park of the Year” award went to VIP La Feria of La Feria, Texas.

The “Small Park of the Year” honor went to Casa del Valle of Alamo, Texas, according to the TRVA.

Ruth Dearinger of VIP LaFeria is delighted that the RV park she and her husband John manage has been recognized by the state organization, The Valley Star of Harlingen reported.

“We’re excited because it gives us a chance to add that to our website, Facebook, any advertising that we do, any promoting of the park,” Dearinger said. “People are excited if you are ‘Park of the Year.’ Kind of gives you a prestige, an honor, to be up there as a top park so that people say, ‘Oh, I want to go there. It’s a quality park.’”

Casa del Valle Manager Marie Howard was also pleased with the recognition.

“I’m very humbled and happy because it wasn’t just something that I did but my entire people, everyone who works for me,” Howard said. “Everyone who lives in my park helped get this award.”

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