AGS Introduces New Mini Golf SplitShot Line

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Adventure Golf Services, a Michigan company that makes miniature golf equipment, introduced a new line called SplitShot to add variety to low-cost mini-golf holes.

“We sell many low-cost miniature-golf products, including MiniLinks and LittleDuffer, and they are all very popular,” said Kreg Krupa, an account executive with the company. “However, clients always ask the same question: ‘How can we add more tricks and obstacles to create more fun?’ As a result, the entire company staff collaborated with AGS chief designer Arne Lundmark to create a product to fill this niche market.”

Lundmark said, “We follow a design discipline to create fun golf holes,but sometimes we need to be creative to add or retain fun as we create economical golf holes. During our research and development we found a way to satisfy the customer need. We created a proto-type model which has multiple split-shots in different directions from tee to green and green to green on every golf hole. Players have a choice of multiple paths to the golf hole cup, hence the name SplitShot.

“This mix of SplitShot miniature golf fun has a price of $16,900 for the front nine holes, $18,900 for the back nine and $33,800 for a discounted 18 golf holes. The nine-hole course fits into approximately 1,800 square feet,” Lundmark said.

SplitShot has other options to split the shot at the end of the fairway, such as a Vortex, Pachinko, and Ski Jump. The SplitShot Mini Golf now joins other AGS portable, modular miniature-golf products.


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