B.C. Residents Opposing Neighborhood Park

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Concerned residents approached Prince George, British Columbia, City Council Monday (Nov. 4) to speak out against a proposed rezoning that would see an RV park in their rural neighborhood.

According to a report by, the Sindia Road campground was put forth as an alternative for RVers to Walmart or Treasure Cove’s parking lots that would allow for camp fires and water usage.

Several residents, along with health officials, raised concerns at the public hearing over the proposed RV park campground rezoning, pointing to water usage, sewage and traffic congestion.

“For those that were dissenting against the proposed RV park, they had some concerns about the water supply issue and how that was going to be handled,” said Acting Mayor Councilor Cameron Stolz. “It was an issue that they felt wasn’t clearly articulated by the proponents.”

One owner of another RV park also spoke out, saying their business is barely surviving. After hearing residents of Sindia Road express concerns over sewage, drainage and traffic, council narrowly defeated the rezoning proposal 4-3. Stolz, says people spoke to council on concerns that weren’t clearly expressed by the proponents .

Stolz says there is still potential in Prince George to see RV parks with amenities go through.

“I think what you’re going to be seeing is, with the proposed pipeline development there’s going to be more people transitioning from other points of the province, of our country,” Stolz says. “When they’re going to be looking for temporary stopovers on their way there and back. I think there’s opportunity for us to see additional growth in areas such as campgrounds.”



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