Coney Dogs? Red Rover Visits CONY’s 50th

November 11, 2013 by   - () Comments Off on Coney Dogs? Red Rover Visits CONY’s 50th

Red Rover marked one year at the CONY Expo in Cassville, N.Y.

The 50th Anniversary of the Campground Owners of New York (CONY) also represented a landmark for Red Rover Camping. Robert Bouse, Red Rover Camping “top dog” said, “We introduced Red Rover Camping to campground owners last year at the CONY Expo and are proud to be celebrating our one-year anniversary at CONY on their 50th anniversary.”

“Last year we didn’t even have our website up yet and the response to how much we have progressed in the last year was exciting and encouraging,” said Ben Carr, Red Rover Camping’s other tog dog.

“This year we could go to our website and show campground owners their campground in our directory and walk them through how they can improve their position on our website, as well as how to improve the look of their page for campers going to the Red Rover website (Rovers) and viewing the individual campground’s page, all at no cost to the owner,” Carr said.

It’s much easier for an owner to understand the advantages of a pay-as-you-go program when they are walked through the process and their own Red Rover Camping campground page, according to Red Rover’s organizers. “It was great to see the light bulb come on when they realized that Red Rover Camping drives customers to their parks at times when they have empty inventory, without discounting and at absolutely no cost to them unless Red Rover delivers,” Carr said.


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