La. Council Reinstates Ban on Travel Trailers

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The Lafayette, La., city-parish council voted unanimously Tuesday (Nov. 5) to override President Joey Durel’s veto of regulations to ban the use of travel trailers as permanent homes in rural Lafayette Parish.

As reported by The Advocate, Baton Rouge, the council voted 5-4 on Oct. 15 to pass the regulations, but Durel wielded his veto pen, saying the restrictions were too broad and could make it more difficult for the local oil-and-gas industry to house temporary workers.

Staff from the city-parish planning, zoning and codes department said the new regulations were needed to address a growing number of complaints about homeowners renting space in their driveways for travel trailers to be used as makeshift apartments.

Durel had said he agreed in general with that goal and wrote in his veto message to council members that he was open to the council crafting more limited regulations.

The council opted instead to strike down the veto, with councilmen saying they could first approve the regulations and then return in the next few weeks to tweak them.

“We are in agreement that there are going to be some amendments in the future,” Councilman Don Bertrand said.

Councilman Jay Castille, who has pushed for the new regulations, said he plans to meet with other council members and the administration to address concerns about the regulations approved Tuesday, including the impact to housing for temporary workers and questions about the process for obtaining an exemption from the travel trailer restrictions.

The regulations, in their current form, set up no formal appeals criteria, leaving decisions on waivers to the discretion of city-parish officials.

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