N.C. Mobile Home Park Wants to Increase RVs

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The owners of Village Squire Mobile Home Park are asking the Knightdale, N.C., town council to allow them to dedicate more lots for RVs, allowing temporary residents to stay up to four years.

The Eastern Wake News reported that at their meeting last week, council members considered allowing a certain number of RVs in mobile home parks. Knightdale regulations don’t explicitly ban RVs in mobile home parks, but the town has no rules for keeping them either.

Stephen Hargrove, who manages Village Squire, said his family’s mobile home park has three lots dedicated to RVs. The family created those lots at the suggestion of Wake County when the sewer system wouldn’t support any more permanent lots.

Now, the Hargroves want to increase the number of lots they offer for RV residents.

In the early 1980s, the park began to see more residents who were looking for temporary housing in the form of RVs, but Village Squire didn’t always have lots to offer, Hargrove said.

“The RV lots stay pretty much full all the time,” he said. “There’s a demand for RV sites.”

Village Squire has 18 vacant lots and plenty of potential residents asking to park an RV there, Hargrove said. At about $400 a month for an RV lot rental, Village Squire could be making an extra $7,200 a month.

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