N.D. County Cracks Down On Illegal RV Park

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Illegal, unlicensed RV parks are a constant problem for North Dakota’s Williams County officials as the oil boom continues to attract those in search of work.

At a county commission meeting Nov. 5, one of the Williams County Planning & Zoning Board issues tackled was that of an unlicensed RV park on 60th Street run by Top Notch Services, the Williston Herald reported.

After some deliberation, commissioners ruled that Top Notch owners Johnny and Carmen Iovino must pay two months worth of fines and everyone in the park has to be out by December.

The dilemma the case posed to the county commissioners was that the RV residents were not really at fault — they had just settled there. In the opinion of the commissioners, the Iovinos are at fault for letting the people in the RVs stay there.

“These people were getting taken advantage of,” said Planning Specialist Taylor Corbett. “The property owners were just trying to make a quick buck.”

According to planning & zoning officials, the RV park had been there two years before anyone in the county or nearby Tyrone township noticed it was not licensed.

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