N.H. Park Owners May Stop Fighting Walmart

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Joseph and Barbara DiPierre, owners of Littleton, N.H.-based Crazy Horse Campground, continue to believe they are correct in their appeal to the zoning board concerning RVs staying at the local Walmart parking lot. But, according to a report by the Meredith News, the DiPierre’s may give up the struggle.

Starting in August 2012, the couple sent several letters to the town regarding their belief that Walmart needed a special exception to allow camper and RV parking.

Via phone last week, Barbara DiPierre said the effort has been long and expensive. “It has already cost us $6,000,” DiPierre said.

After a series of correspondence with zoning officer Christopher Hodge, the DiPierre’s filed an appeal with the zoning board in September. They wanted the board to overturn Hodge’s decision that Walmart was not in violation of town zoning rules by allowing RV parking lot.

A hearing was set on the matter last month, but the merits were not addressed. Instead acting Zoning Board Chairman Cary Clark said the DiPierre’s needed to prove they had standing in order for the board to examine the issues raised in the appeal. The board said only a “person aggrieved” can bring a zoning appeal.

The reason the fight may be abandoned, DiPierre said, was a sense the couple can’t win. After being disheartened at last month’s hearing, the path to prove standing seems quite large to DiPierre.

Besides, the couple’s mounting costs are difficult to justify, DiPierre added. “We have campers who are town taxpayers,” she concluded. “Why should they have to pay for this?”

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One Response to “N.H. Park Owners May Stop Fighting Walmart”

  1. Barbara Holton on November 8th, 2013 4:06 am

    The expense that the private campground owner entails in an effort to compete and stay in business is what has put a lot of campgrounds out of business. The politics that are played out cost the little guy while the big guys move on. This is yet another example. Cities and towns while they know of infractions and violations made by big companies won’t fight with them because they have the means and the money to win. I believe if this campground were a K.O.A. or any campground that had deep pockets the town would step in. Sorry for your loss it happens more than you know.