RVers Helping Fix Flooded Colo. State Park

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Dorothy Clark and Debi Melton are members of an RV club for retirees called the Campfire Coyotes. Their group planned to relax at St. Vrain State Park near Firestone, Colo., during the second week of September.

“I watched that water all night long as I listened to the rain just totally terrified that the lake was going to come over,” Melton, president of the Campfire Coyotes, said to Denver’s 9News.

The rain kept falling. The water kept rising and by the morning of Sept. 12, there was a situation brewing.

“The firemen came around to each of our rigs and knocked on the door and told us that we needed to evacuate,” Clark said. “Well, you’ve never seen an RV club unhook, hook everything up and leave as fast as possible that day. It was quite an adventure.”

Melton said they left just in time.

“When I was unhooking the electricity from my RV, I was wading through ankle-deep water to get to the power plug which was a little exciting,” Melton said.

Two months later, Clark and Melton are back at St. Vrain State Park. They joined dozens of volunteers working to rebuild 41 campsites destroyed by the flood.

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